Industrial Real Estate




We have a highly experienced team of industrial real estate professionals


Our industrial service team supports building owners, industrial manufactures, and logistics companies in the sale and or leasing of industrial buildings throughout Southern California:


Markets: Los Angeles urban inner city. LA/Orange County. Southbay harbor adjacent. Inland Empire logistics.




Logistics / Distribution

Food Processing

Cold Storage / Freezers


Industrial Property Owners

We work with institutional, corporate, and private property owners to find tenants or buyers for industrial properties. Our industrial service team will provide property owners with a clear blueprint that clearly defines the process to deliver the promised brokerage value.


We employ a sophisticated marketing strategy for each property marketing engagement. Our strategy includes tapping into our deep relations with local industrial companies, and using advanced marketing technology, tools, and methods. Throughout each step of the marketing process our industrial team will communicate verbal and written reports to insure the client is informed of all current developments pertaining to the marketing of the property.


Relocation Services – Buyers and Tenants

Industrial Property Relocation Services. We work with corporate and entrepreneur tenants to secure relocation and or expansion facilities. Our industrial professionals guide clients to evaluate facility needs then we formulate an actionable plan to locate a feasible facility.


The industrial team will provide the client with the information required to build a budget for the desired facility. Once a site has been identified our team lead will personally recommend a structure to negotiation the lease or purchase of the facility. Our entire industrial team will work closely with the client until the fulfillment of the industrial facility has been concluded.

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