Full Service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage


Our professionals are specialists in industrial real estate. They have extensive experience representing sellers, buyers, and tenants. Our industrial focus is on warehouses, manufacturing, food processing, and freezer properties.


We offer investment services to sellers and buyers of investment real estate.  We represent clients in single tenant and multitenant industrial, office buildings, triple net (NNN) , and business parks.


How We Add Value

Our founder, Christopher Telles, is a leading Commercial Real Estate brokerage entrepreneur and producing broker in the Los Angeles markets. His experience spans 25+ years. Mr Telles’ commercial real estate brokerage accomplishments have been many. This includes the sale of the largest free standing industrial building of its kind at the time of sale. However, its been the formation of friendships and partnerships with clients that have been the professional attribute most cherished. This has resulted in a large professional network to leverage for our clients.

We are proud of the transactional accomplishments we have completed over the years. The network of business owners, company executives, and investors we call friends enables us the ability to add value to our clients business objectives. Sure we offer brokerage services, and we’re damn good at what we do, but we also realize business success often comes in terms beyond a company’s next real estate transaction.

That’s why we work tirelessly to access our network to help clients. We will assist them in connecting with other local businesses, city administrators, real estate investors, and developers. We also take pride in sharing our own entrepreneurial experiences. This includes strategies on business development, marketing, and sales which may lead them to greater sales and profits.

The Commercial Real Estate business for every broker is a tough business. A business that is competitive as hell. However, it pales in comparison to the everyday demands of entrepreneurs and corporate executives who need to remain profitable. Profitable for the wellbeing of employees, family members, and or shareholders. We try to remain cognizant of this each and everyday. Through every communication, we listen carefully to just how we might be of value to prospects and existing clients. We consider it an honor when invited in to a meeting to potentially earn a clients trust. We would welcome such an invitation!



Space Standard started as a commercial real estate brokerage in 1999. Moving from the real estate development business our founder started the boutique brokerage TRC Commercial. TRC Commercial was soon successful and moved quickly to align its business interests with the worlds largest operator of real estate companies.

With a dedicated executive team that franchise (a Los Angeles based office) grew into a fifty (50) person firm. With four divisions offering brokerage services in Industrial, Office, Multifamily, and Commercial Real Estate Investments the office transaction production exploded.

The challenges to the real estate industry brought on during the great recession of 2008/2009 required the business to remain agile. As a result the hard business decision was made in 2010 to separate from the franchise parent. Since then the company has operated under the Space Standard brand.