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Space Standard is a  commercial real estate investment firm, built over decades, on the foundation of client relationships and service. We have a bifurcated yet simple business model:


Investment Advisory Brokerage

Industrial Real Estate Brokerage 



Clients from around the world rely on and trust our insights, judgment and performance in the commercial real estate submarkets throughout Southern California.  






The roots of our commercial real estate expertise began in a time before the computer and smartphone. When live/work meant suburban commutes and good urban buildings were measured by brick reinforced with concrete.


The real property profession in the days of analog required a different set of skills to succeed than those of today. Innate, genuine people skills. We pride ourselves in relationships earned.


Relationships are the bedrock of our firms history, and more importantly its future. We encourage you to spend time on our webpages getting to know our firm.



Our Firm


Our purpose is simple, serve and care for clients commercial real estate investment interests. We begin with this basic premise to serve, and then conduct our affairs to execute against this simple yet complex premise. Our purpose shapes our culture and company structure.





Our distinctive culture is familial; sailors & golfers who enjoy a craft beer and the occasional cigar. We began as a one man band in late 1997, and during various times grew to multiple offices with multiple departments and then incorporated into a labyrinth of large corporate ownership with dozens and dozens of highly educated and skilled professionals to whipsaw back as the changes in economic cycles dictated. 



Our clients rely on us for sound judgment.


As a firm built on quality of advice, we value the wisdom that comes with and from transactional experience. We put a premium on attracting and retaining the best people to work with including staff, support professionals, clients, and investment partners.



We value individual differences.


Our history of experience is built on the backbone of advising dynamic industry shifting entrepreneurs, and later investors of institutional grade commercial real estate. Our advisory/brokerage services has advised individual business leaders in making decisions that helped change industries, shifted dynamics and or create new market trends. Stated simply, we have a deep understanding multiple perspectives, openly debated, encourage the best solutions for clients and investors.


We stand firmly by our advise but encourage open debate on salient and contributing points to find new perspectives. Advisory work is opinionated analysis, but change is constant and opinions need to change too when appropriate. When theories are challenged or new data points appear then the smart money returns to refocus on a new analysis.



Divergence makes us stronger.


In working across a range of product types, business strategies, and state borders we can leverage our network of relationships in search of extraordinary results for clients.



We anticipate change then let others react to them.


We are experts in the field of commercial real estate, and real estate investments. We serve our clients best when we are leaders. Through market insights, innovation investigation, and openly debated ideas that challenge norms, we create opportunities rather than chase them. Our clients benefit through early property investments into changing markets or market segments.


(We excited about a new market segment we’re currently advising clients to consider in 2018 and should produce alpha in the years ahead. Contact us to see if this new market segment strategy fits into your investment criteria.) 


When we present you an opportunity we anticipate it may not be available the next day. We anticipate others will react to this opportunity and so too should you.



Our analysis comes with strong conviction and we will take bold stands for our clients.


Our success is based on the results we achieve for our clients and investment partners. We are exhaustive in our research and precise in our analysis.



The past, present and future


Our firm is reliant on tapping into our historically rich relationships and the knowledge and experience we’ve built and acquired over decades of involvement in commercial real estate. We have leveraged the past by implementing it into the present for deployment and use in the future. This is possible through the application of our evolving industry leading technology platform. We have advanced technological capabilities and the right touch of boutique nimbleness to activate and execute comprehensive marketing for off market and on market investment projects.  



How We Add Value

Our founder Christopher Telles is an experienced entrepreneur  and leading Commercial Real Estate broker in Los Angeles and Southern California submarkets. His experience spans 27+ years and his accomplishments many, including the sale of the largest free standing industrial building in the United States (at the time of sale). However, it is the personal relationships built over a lifetime that have been his most admired and cherished accomplishment.

With tens of millions of square feet in commercial transactions completed we have become pretty darn good at execution. We recognize client goal achievement is often at odds with the next yet to be sourced real estate transaction. And here is why we win more business…

We are committed to the end goal of winning. We work tirelessly to build and then access a professional network for the benefit of clients. Regardless of our involvement if our knowledge base of network benefits our clients, or our competitors, then it helps us too. We can be relied upon by clients connect them locally with people of importance e.g. leading specialty attorney’s, city administrators, developers, and nationally with real estate equity investors, and specialty real estate lenders.


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